Something More


Rob Lister is shot in Maui’s beautiful ‘Iao Valley. Thanks to a recommendation from Detective Sgt. Keone Boyd, Lt. Tony Alcala gives Angela Beyers a chance to show she deserves detective training by solving the crime. In the course of the investigation, Angela discovers a document on the victim’s computer that provides clues to the crime. There’s a problem, though. The file was entered on the computer after Rob Lister was shot and lying in a coma. Rob’s wife Nancy and daughter Beth read the manuscript to help them better understand Rob and reach a critical decision. In the manuscript, Rob Lister, a retired scientist and author, comes to his senses to find he has none. He embarks on a journey of the mind discovering he has enhanced but unfamiliar powers of perception. He remembers the events leading up to his shooting in the ‘Iao Valley and discovers he can re-experience his entire life in real time, without moving forward one second in the present. Through the manuscript Rob better understands his life and what he must do next. Throughout her investigation Angela returns to the manuscript for direction. The complicated trail leads her and Alcala to a deserted WW II airstrip near Hana and a climactic encounter with the shooter. Through reading the manuscript Beth and Nancy determine it should be published. But as what? A vivid fantasy or something more?

This second installment in the Rick Ludwig's Maui Mystery series offers the reader an intriguing mystery and a taste of the supernatural in the lush and vibrant environment of Hawai'i's Valley Isle, Maui.