Maui police detective Keone Boyd picks up his shiny new Morgan Roadster dockside in Kahului, savoring the freedom it represents. Meticulous accountant Sam Loftus encounters something on his drive home from work that challenges his ordered view of the world. When these two paths cross in a complex web of police investigation, delusion, drug trafficking, cutting-edge science, and complex human relationships, both men are drawn to one amazing woman. By the end of this bizarre experience, each will question what is real. If right is left, what can you believe?

"Rick Ludwig’s first novel doesn’t fit into any box. Set in the author’s lush, tropical home of Maui, Mirrored appears at first to be a police procedural slash mystery. But read further and you will see it is so much more. The ending will astound, provoke thought, stretch the imagination, and challenge readers to ask, “What if…?” --Laurie Hanan, author of Another Day in Paradise