In the 1930s, Eliot Ness, the treasury agent who helped convict Al Capone, famed leader of the Untouchables, accepts a high-ranking position in Cleveland. The headline-grabbing, squeaky-clean Fed is the perfect man to become the city's Safety Director–but by the time he has started his new job, a killer has started a chilling career of his own. The discovery of a dismembered torso soon plunges the city into a state of terror. One by one, bodies are found, each one decapitated and dissected with a doctor's skill and a madman's bent. The police are baffled, the population is terrorized, and newspaper headlines are ablaze about the so-called "Torso Murderer." As the body count rises, Ness pours more energy and manpower into his investigation, desperately trying to live up to his larger-than-life reputation, working with a street-smart detective and making enemies every step of the way. His obsession slowly erodes his personal and professional life, even his untouchable reputation. Because in Cleveland, there is only one true untouchable: a killer who has the perfect hiding place and the perfect plan for destroying Eliot Ness.