Justice Returns

Attorney Ben Kincaid is back with the most controversial case of his career. Ben’s teenage friend, Oscar Kirby, an Iraq war vet subjected by the CIA to "enhanced interrogation techniques," is the primary suspect when his "interrogator" is murdered. A dramatic trial unfolds in the courtroom–loaded with pitfalls, surprises, and a breathtaking betrayal. Something else, something very dangerous lurks on the perimeter of this case, and Ben must pull every trick he knows to uncover the truth.


Challengers Of The Dust

George Earle returns from college to his Oklahoma birthplace and finds it drastically altered. The Dust Bowl and the Depression have transformed the bucolic farmtown into a desolate wasteland where few are healthy, happy, or employed. A chance encounter with Pretty Boy Floyd lands him in jail with a melancholy pulp-literary agent named Hart. They’re given one chance to avoid execution by accepting an unlikely task: find local powerbroker Doc Bennett’s wayward daughter. They head east meeting migrants, vagabonds, rail-riders, rainmakers, a few destined to become famous, a few too dangerous to live, and the most ghoulish acts of a starved population, while attempting to fulfill their impossible mission.

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The Balkan Press, through its books, prizes, and magazine (Conclave), seeks poetry, fiction, and nonfiction of exceptional literary merit. The work we seek has a transcendent aesthetic impact on the reader. It is not merely about the mystery of being, but heightens the reader’s sense of the mystery underlying the fabric of our daily lives. We are looking for work about character or work that displays character, that holds it up to a fresh light and helps readers see what they did not see before.

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